Tech Resources

Code, platforms and design help.

Tools and Platforms

  • 3WDOC: The first browser-based authoring and publishing application made in HTML5 for digital storytelling

  • ADVENTR: The simple platform for creating and sharing, web-native video experiences.

  • Blind Spot: App that lets you create and interact with your friends and people who inspire you.

  • Conducttr: Interactive multiplatform storytelling tool

  • Creatavist: Powerful online tool for writers, publishers, and more.

  • Explory: Makes it easy to tell rich, compelling stories. It's a studio in your pocket.

  • Harvis: A mobile web application that empowers individuals to share their perspectives and be active participants in collective action-oriented dialogue by capturing their real-time emotional responses to recorded or live-media.

  • Interlude: A self-service HTML5 web app that unleashes your creativity and lets you design and publish your own interactive videos

  • Klynt: An editing and publishing application dedicated to interactive storytellers.

  • Korsakow: An open-source application for creating web docs and other kinds of nonlinear, interactive narratives. It requires no programming expertise at all, and is available for Windows and Mac.

  • Mozilla PopcornMaker: making it easy to enhance, remix and share web video

  • Multipop: Transforms your online video into an engaging, hands-on event by integrating e-commerce, real-time social interaction, and content extensions into the viewing experience – all without disrupting the show.

  • Odyssey.js: A simple way for journalists, designers, and creators to weave interactive stories

  • Page Flow: (German) Combines videos, images, audio and text to interactive reports.

  • Racontr Create immersive stories without code.

  • Theatrics: A robust video platform that enables storytellers and brands to invite audiences to participate in the storyworld by posting videos and blog posts.

Recommended by Opeyemi Olukemi, Interactive Manager, Tribeca Film Institute

Code Resources

Design Tools & Software

Development Tools & Software

  • Coda, Sublime Text, and TextMate Great text editors for code, markup and prose — each with unique features and advantages.,, and

  • Code Kit A compiler and error checker. It’s always running whenever I’m writing code.

  • GitHub & Github for Mac: Open source community for collaboration, code review and code management for open source and private projects.

  • Transmit My file transfer and server management software.

  • SASS, LESS and Emmet: Once you have an understanding of CSS, these are invaluable for making development easier and faster., and

CODE 101 — Educational / Social Coding Resources

WEB — Front End Development

  • Google Fonts and Typekit: The least expensive and best supported webfont libraries. and

  • IcoMoon and Fontello: Icon font generators. and

  • Initalizr: Nearly every one of my web projects begins with this HTML5 template generator.

  • Modernizr: A javascript library to help improve visual consistency across browsers.

Web — Back End, Content Management, & Hosting

  • PHP: Arguably the most popular server-side scripting language.

  • Kirby: PHP / File Based CMS that can run out of Dropbox.

  • Wordpress: The old standard PHP / database CMS, with one of the largest communities of open source developers on the web.

  • Symfony and Laravel Open source PHP frameworks for building web-based projects. and

  • Ruby on Rails: Open source web framework that boasts a quick learning curve and utility for building web-based applications.

  • Github Pages: Host your pages for free and push live directly from your code repository.

  • Jekyll: Static blog generator that runs on Ruby, and integrates with Github hosting. Stable, secure, and fast.

  • SiteLeaf: Easily customizable Jekyll-based CMS with affordable plans.

Data Viz / Multi-Component / Projection Mapping Software

  • Cinder Frameworks: A community-developed, free and open source library for professional-quality creative coding in C++.

  • Processing: A programming language, development environment and online community.

DIY & Multi-Component Hardware

  • Arduino: Awesome open source computer platform & hardware.

  • Brightsign: Good, affordable media players.

Recommended by Alex Bloom, Interaction Designer


  • Black Girls Code: A non-profit organization that focuses on providing technology education to African-American girls ages 7–17.

  • Code 2040: Creates access, awareness, and opportunities for top minority engineering talent to ensure their leadership in the innovation economy.

  • Girl Develop It: A nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and accessible programs to women who want to learn web and software development through mentorship and hands-on instruction.

  • Girls Who Code: Programs work to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.

  • Made With Code: Made with Code is an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.

Recommended by Opeyemi Olukemi, Interactive Manager, Tribeca Film Institute