We were thinking about how our work with the Fund fits into the wider digital media ecosystem, and about what we can learn from people who are thinking hard about some of the same problems we are thinking about: how to bring filmmakers and technologists together to create new kinds of work; how to capture the attention of audiences in a highly media-saturated environment and truly engage them; how to innovate while still making sure that the story leads; and how to bring craft and skill to interactive storytelling, building new kinds of experiences that are rich, immersive and compelling. TFI Interactive and the Interactive Playground is the result of this.

Discover what happens at Tribeca Hacks, when storytellers, developers and designers come together to create prototypes over just a few days. These hackathons and workshops give creative media artists the insight and skills to create robust interactive projects that effectively engage with audiences and the chance to experiment with new tools and technologies. They also showcase innovation in this field for artists, funders and the public. A primary goal of Tribeca Hacks is to build new relationships between media artists, technologists and designers.

Ingrid Kopp
Director, Interactive
Tribeca Film Institute