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  • Bushwick Film Festival

    Discovers both domestic and international indie films and new media projects and shares them with a diverse audience of film lovers and industry professionals.
    Time of year: October
    Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Defcon Hacking Conference

    One of the world’s largest annual hacker conventions.
    Time of year: August
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Eyeo Festival

    Assembling an incredible set of creative coders, data designers and artists.
    Time of year: June
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • FCMM: Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media

    Each year, the Festival seeks out new developments that move cinema forward, familiarizing audiences with 3D, VOD, a whole spectrum of different formats and the latest creative findings.
    Time of year: October
    Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Filmgate Interactive

    Bringing together cross-media’s leading international creators, thinkers and practitioners.
    Time of year: February
    Location: Miami, Florida
  • Hot Docs

    North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market.
    Time of year: April-May
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Independent Film Week

    Hosted by IFP, Independent Film Week showcases independent films and guides filmmakers in the art, technology and business of independent filmmaking.
    Time of year: September
    Location: New York, New York

    This event brings together an international roster of acclaimed creators to explore the intersection of art, technology and interaction.
    Time of year: September
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Mirage International Film Festival

    Mirage International Film Festival's New Media Marvels competitive program is designed to bring attention to the emerging world of new media.
    Time of year: August
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

    A conference that brings together creators, thinkers, policy makers, administrators and funders to learn about the field’s future opportunities, to create a national platform for the media arts and to strengthen networks.
    Time of year: August
    Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New Media Art & Sound Summit

    A three-day festival of creative music, performance art, film, and installations.
    Time of year: June
    Location: Austin, Texas
  • RIDM

    Presents a selection of the year’s best documentaries from Canada and around the world for general and professional audiences.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Sundance New Frontier Story Lab

    Lab for artists working at the convergence of film, art, and new media technologies.
    Time of year: October
    Location: Park City, Utah
  • SXSW

    Film and Interactive panels to inspire digital thinking.
    Time of year: March
    Location: Austin, Texas
  • Tribeca Film Festival

    Offering a transmedia section : Storyscapes.
    Time of year: April
    Location: New York, New York
  • True/False Film Fest

    Exhibits the best new nonfiction filmmaking. They strive to present a program that challenges viewers to think critically about both the content of the films and their own assumptions.
    Time of year: March
    Location: Columbia, Missouri
  • Woodstock Digital Media Festival

    An Innovative Exploration of Digital Media in the Public Interest.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Woodstock, Vermont


  • Campus Party

    Annual week long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival where thousands of “campuseros” (hackers, developers, gamers and geeks) equipped with laptops camp on-site and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment.
    Time of year: Varies
    Location: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru
  • Doc Montevideo Hackathon

    A workshop that leads to the production of interactive non-fiction prototypes geared to work in progress on documentary films or series, or projects exclusively made for web.
    Time of year: July
    Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • FILE –Electric Language International Festival

    Festival serves as a lead indicator of the plurality of the work created in the interactive art field not only nationally but also internationally.
    Time of year: June / July
    Location: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • International Image Festival

    A space for meeting and discussion on topics related to visual design, electronic arts, digital audiovisual creation, digital sound, and electro-acoustic.
    Time of year: April
    Location: Manizales, Colombia


  • Convergence

    A festival that takes place throughout East London that focuses on pioneers who use technology to innovate.
    Time of year: April
    Location: London, United Kingdom

    A forum, a conference and a lab working to develop new and sustainable ways of thinking within media.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Copehnhagen, Denmark
  • Cross Video Days

    The leading Transmedia Market in Europe to meet interactive Commissioners and connect with co-producers.
    Time of year: June
    Location: Paris, France
  • DEAF: Dutch Electronic Art Festival

    Festival with a thematic approach. Its aim is to harbour new and speculative views about current developments and themes in our technological culture and society.
    Time of year: Bi-annual
    Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Dok Lepizig Netlab

    An inspirational conference lab on the current trends of new media providing access to new information, intense networking and individual support. 
    Time of year: November
    Location: Leipzig, Germany
  • Echofluxx

    A free festival of New Media, Music and Art.
    Time of Year: May
    Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • FIPA

    The only international festival that showcases all creative genres: drama, series, documentary, reportage, performing arts and the Smart FIP@.
    Time of year: January
    Location: Biarritz, France
  • Geneva International Film Festival

    Explores the relationship between cinema, television and new forms of digital creation.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • i-Docs

    Symposium and website dedicated to interactive documentary.
    Time of year: March
    Location: Bristol, United Kingdoms
  • IDFA DocLab

    Showcasing new and unexpected forms of digital documentary storytelling.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • InterDocsBarcelona

    The InterDocsBarcelona is a professional meeting to disseminate, create and finance the interactive documentary.
    Time of year: May
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • MediMed

    Exhibits an exclusive selection of documentary projects and ready made programmes, aiming to enhance the professional and creative exchange between the 12 MEDA countries and the 28 EU countries.
    Time of year: October
    Location: Sitges, Catalonia, Spain
  • MozFest

    A festival dedicated to finding, energizing and creating a community of people working with technology to build participation, understanding and control into Internet life.
    Time of year: October
    Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Power to the Pixel's Cross-Media Forum

    Conference, pitching forum and market for interactive projects.
    Time of year: October
    Location: London, UK
  • Resonate

    Resonate is a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and education. It brings together artists, designers and educators to participate in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.
    Time of Year: April
    Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest

    Festival that celebrates the art and business of documentary filmmaking. Includes Interactive panels and a Cross-media section for projects.
    Time of year: June
    Location: Sheffield, UK
  • Sonar: International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art

    Sónar+D selects the most outstanding projects by creative laboratories, universities and companies to showcase new forms of creation, production and marketing. Sounds in 3D, interaction repertoires and robotic experiments.
    Time of year: June
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Sunny Side of the Doc

    Sunny Side hosts international television markets focusing on specialist factual and documentary programming, to promote co-production and sales relationships between production companies and broadcasters.
    Time of year: June
    Location: La Rochelle, France
  • Transmediale

    A festival and year-round project that draws out new connections between art, culture and technology.
    Time of year: February
    Location: Berlin, Germany
  • IDFA Cross-media Forum

    Forum to pitch cross-media projects.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • XO Lab

    Helping people understand interactive storytelling and cross-platform development through labs.
    Location: Sheffield, UK


  • Japan Media Arts Festival

    Honoring outstanding works from a diverse range of media- from animation and comics to media art and games.
    Time of year: February
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Microwave International New Media Arts Festival

    Festival brings cutting-edge works to provoke the thought in the technological hub that Hong Kong is.
    Time of year: November
    Location: Hong Kong, China
  • Seoul International NewMedia Festival

    Korea’s first and leading art festival of alternative videos, display diverse ways that new forms of media can be used and sustained in modern society.
    Time of year: October
    Location: Seoul, South Korea


  • Antenna

    International film festival that screens feature length documentaries.
    Time of year: October
    Location: Sydney, Australia antennafestival.org
  • Documentary Edge Festival

    New Zealand’s only international documentary film festival held annually.
    Time of year: May-June
    Location: Auckland & Wellington, New Zealand documentaryedge.org.nz


  • Durban Film Festival

    The festival also offers filmmaker workshops, industry seminars, discussion forums, and outreach activities.
    Time of year: July
    Location: Durban, South Africa